Welcome to Preston Royal Clinic and to the practice of Oriental medicine.

If you are just getting acquainted with Oriental Medicine, this site should be helpful. Here, I answer the most frequently asked questions about Oriental medicine. Then I introduce briefly the much broader subject of this medicine and its philosophy.

What are acupuncture and moxibustion?

     Acupuncture and moxibustion originated in China about 3000 years ago and has developed throughout various, mostly Asian, countries. It is based on the understanding that human beings are complex bioelectric systems. Energy circulates through our bodies along well-defined pathways. If this energy circulation is disrupted, body functions are affected and pain or illness results. The developers of acupuncture mapped out these body energy pathways called meridians. They also identified control points on the pathways at which harmful blockages can be corrected and health restored by means of acupuncture needles and moxibustion.

What do acupuncture and moxibustion treatments feel like?

     First, it’s a relaxing experience. In fact, relaxation is a bonus benefit you get from acupuncture and moxibustion. Second, these treatments are usually painless operations. You may feel a slight pricking sensation, but most likely it won’t be pain.

Can the effectiveness of Oriental medicine be enhanced or prolonged in any way?

     Yes, there are quite a few means by which you can intensify your own healing power.

Kampo: The majority of my patients use herbs to reinforce the healing effects of the treatments. These natural medicines have very specific healing properties. An herb called “Minor Blue Dragon,” for example, is good for allergies and sinusitis. Another herb called “Bupleurum and D.B.” is good for insomnia and depression. These medicines have helped, and continue to help people overcome illness for thousands of years. They are also free of the harmful side effects brought on by some conventional drugs.

Diet: With proper diet, you can speed up your healing and make it last longer. In fact, proper diet is indispensable if you expect to achieve complete healing. Occasional short term fasting, from one day to a week, is also recommended for cleansing.

Chi exercise: Chi exercise, such as Do-in and Qui-gong, are very useful to maintain and improve overall health by promoting the movement of Chi (vital energy).  Our “Longevity Exercise” is one of them also and very recommendable.

Sotai: This is a very simple Japanese physical therapy to ease all kinds of body aches.

Meditation: Mind over body is the name of the game.  Though it is not the only way to control the mind, it is one of the most effective way to ease and balance the mind.  Any kind of meditation is fine as long as you enjoy it.

Western medicine may see your body as a fragile target under constant attack from outside invaders – germs, toxins and crazy cells. Your doctor fights back with drugs, surgery and radiation. While the method is necessary sometimes, often all you need is a little prevention. Oriental medicine contends that illness results not from outside invaders but from inside imbalances, which can be corrected peacefully and, to a great degree, by the patient him/herself. Disease is simply a warning that you have an imbalance that needs correcting.

office03It is wrong to attach fear to disease because often fear can cause the disease itself. Try to think of it this way: Disease hasn’t attacked you in some cruel random stroke. Rather, it’s a helpful, if unpleasant, signal. It is telling you, in effect, that you’ve let your natural body balance get out of whack, and you need to do something about it.

I believe Oriental medicine can give you a new and happy way of living and looking at life. You can learn to think of yourself as a supple tree versus a rigid one. Storms blow down the rigid trees, but you are supple, so you bend and bounce back. In today’s tense and sometimes lunatic world, you need the resilience that Oriental medicine can give you.

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